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    okt. - The previous legal regime meant a year-old boy who had consensual sex with another girl his age could be charged with statutory rape, while a year-old who raped his year-old wife was committing no crime. Successive Indian governments have defended the exception, arguing that social and. okt. - India's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that sex with an underage wife constitutes rape, in a landmark ruling that campaigners say could affect millions of girls. The decision overturned a previous clause that permitted men to have sex with a married girl as young as 15, the Indian Express reports. India's. A recurrent topic in his account was sexual contact between colonists and Indians. English traders who lived among the Indians, he observed, usually had ''Indian wives,'' women who provided sexual companionship and domestic services for the duration of the traders' residence in the community. One trader pointed out to. indian girl sex wife jan. - More than 63 million women are “statistically missing” across India, according to government officials. Sex-selective abortions and better nutrition and medical care for boys has skewed the population ratio of men and women, the government's annual economic survey found. An estimated 21 million girls in. 5. aug. - But last year, a man in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) wanted to divorce his wife because of too much sex. In his petition, the man described his wife as having an "excessive and insatiable appetite for sex" ever since their marriage in April , according to a report by the Press Trust of India news. In this second narrative, a well-off Indian couple are contrasted with Sunita, a plainly dressed young Indian girl who arrives on their doorstep to take on the domestic tasks that the wife had been finding too onerous. The wife and young girl are from different classes but they share a gender role that requires that they do all.

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